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Top iOS 14 features that you should be using on your iPhone every day

Here are some simple tips and tricks which can help make your iOS 14 experience even better and more efficient:

Monitor and protect your ears ahead of World Hearing Day (March 3). Your iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple Watch can measure your headphone audio levels so you can monitor your audio exposure over the past hour, day, week, month or year in the Health app. The Noise app on Apple Watch also measures ambient sound levels in your environment to identify when the decibel level could negatively impact your hearing. If sounds are too loud, Apple Watch users can receive alerts with a tap on the wrist. For more information on hearing and other accessibility features check out apple.com/accessibility/hearing

Set up a personal hotspot for when you don’t have Wi-Fi access. To set up a Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot or Settings > Personal Hotspot. Tap the slider next to Allow Others to Join, then set a Wi-Fi password and you’re good to go. You can even set up Family Sharing so that people in your household can join your Personal Hotspot automatically — without needing to enter the password. 

Save time and keystrokes with text shortcuts. With text replacement, you can create various shortcuts that will automatically expand to words and longer phrases you frequently type. For example, you could add the phrase “Did the dogs eat?” and the shortcut “dde.” Now anytime you type “dde” it will replace it with the phrase “Did the dogs eat?” To manage text replacements, tap Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. 

See when your camera or microphone are in use. With iOS 14, an orange indicator in the status bar means an app is using the microphone. A green indicator means an app is using either the camera or the camera and microphone. Learn more about status icons and symbols on your screen here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207354. 

Learn something new about your iPhone with help from Apple’s Creative Pros. For the first time Today at Apple is launching one of its most popular sessions, Product Skills, in a virtual format for everyone to attend. These live virtual sessions are designed for those who are new to their device, have recently upgraded, or simply want to learn more on how to get the most out of their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Sessions will cover the basics of software and hardware for these products, and offer some tips for staying productive, as well as resources for going further with your devices. Anyone can sign up for sessions at apple.com/today and join via Webex from the comfort of home. 

Create a Memoji or give your existing design a makeover. Express yourself with over a trillion possible combinations including face coverings, new hair and headwear styles, and Memoji stickers to let you send a fist bump, blush, or a hug to your friends. You can even set your Memoji as your profile pic on video calling apps for those days you don’t feel like being on camera. Here’s how to create your Memoji: 

- Open Messages and tap the Compose button or go to an existing conversation 

- Tap the button that shows Memoji in a yellow frame, then swipe right and tap New Memoji 

- Customize the features of your Memoji — like skin tone, hairstyles, eyes, and more. 

- Tap Done 

Take your creativity even further with ‘time-lapse’ and ‘slo-mo’ modes for video and ‘square,’ ‘Portrait,’ and ‘pano’ modes for photos. You don’t need to be a professional to capture pro-level photos and videos of your family. All you need is your iPhone and a general understanding of camera modes, which are built into the Camera app. 

- Portrait: Take family photos to the next level with Portrait mode, which creates a depth-of-field effect and lets you compose a photo that keeps your subject sharp while blurring the background for a beautiful bokeh effect. iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max even introduce Night mode Portrait using the LiDAR Scanner on the Wide camera. 

- Square: Square mode limits the frame of your camera screen to a square — the optimal dimensions for many social media apps.

- Pano: Want to capture a breathtaking landscape, but the entire view won't fit on your camera screen? Use pano mode to get a stunning wide-angle photo. Pano mode gives you a guide bar in the middle of the screen to help you take your photo. If you want to start the photo from the left, make sure the arrow is pointing to the right. If you want to start from the right, tap the arrow and change its direction. Tap the shutter button and slowly move your camera in a straight line from one side of your shot to the next. Try to keep the arrow on the yellow guide bar.

- Slo-mo: Make your favorite moments last longer with slow-motion videos. Your video records as normal. But when you play it back, you see the slo-mo effect. You can even edit your video so that the slo-mo action starts and stops at a time you choose.

- Time-lapse: Capture footage at selected intervals to create a time‑lapse video that’s quick and easy to share. When you go to time-lapse mode and tap the shutter button, your camera periodically takes photos until you tap the shutter button again. And available across the complete iPhone 12 lineup, users can now enjoy Night mode Time-lapse videos when used with a tripod. 

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