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Saudi Press: The Line Project Adopts Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas.

Al-Yaum and Al-Bilad newspapers said in their editorial that The Line city project is a model for what urban societies can be in the future and a blueprint that ensures a balance for living with nature. It will include cognitive societies linked and enhanced by artificial intelligence over a 170 km within an environment without noise or pollution. The project is also a direct response to the challenges of urban expansion that hinder the progress of humanity, such as dilapidated infrastructure and environmental pollution. It is a project that reflects the vision of HRH Crown Prince, a vision that anticipates future needs and creates frameworks for its components.

The papers added that the project harnesses artificial intelligence to enhance the concepts of urban expansion and to draw the features of a comprehensive transformation in this concept. The Line also comes to achieve the goals of Vision 2030 in terms of economic diversification. The project will provide living based on a balance between a business environment that adopts innovation and an exceptional quality of life for the population, by fully relying on artificial intelligence techniques to facilitate the process of communicating with people in a way that enables them to anticipate and interact with unprecedented capabilities, saving the time of residents and companies. Societies will be virtually interconnected with each other, through using 90% of data to strengthen infrastructure capabilities, whereas 1% of data is used in today's smart cities.

The papers further said that the Saudi Vision 2030 has drawn broad horizons for developmental ambition through the huge projects that the Kingdom is witnessing, leaving the present with all its progress and leading to the future, as the human imagination is shaping a new era of tourism, entertainment, highly developed services and artificial intelligence.

The papers concluded that this project will be a center for innovation by attracting companies and business owners from all over the world, and allowing them to conduct research and adopt and market the latest technologies on a commercial scale, which will contribute to achieving a better future. This urban ambition is not the result of coincidence, but a true embodiment of the will and vision of the leadership, for the future of the nation and the generations to come.

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