RSG Nursery Produces over 5 Million Plants

The Red Sea Global (RSG) said today that its landscape nursery production has exceeded five million plants since it was established, three years ago.
The nursery, which is the largest in the region at over 1 million square meters, produces various types plants; the goal is to provide over 30 million plants for The Red Sea and Amaala destinations, as well as for other future projects, by 2030.
RSG said in a press release that it has always been committed to nurturing regenerative tourism, an approach that helps protect the local environment.
It added that in its endeavor to create a sustainable, and improved, environment, it has created the nursery that will eventually transform the desert into a green oasis using the latest technology, and will preserve and rejuvenate the Red Sea coastline.
Senior Landscape Nursery Manager Muteb Alosaimi said that combating desertification is a complex process, but as a key and active party in achieving the Saudi Green Initiative strategy, to combat climate change, RSG is capable of making a positive change in the Kingdom.
RSG has recently increased its investment in training and employing skilled Saudis at the nursery, ensuring that both humans and nature benefit from this project, its release said.

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