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Nokia 5.4 - The Best Smart Device for Digital Content Creators

HMD Global, the manufacturer of Nokia phones, has launched the Nokia 5.4, which is the fifth smartphone developed by the European smartphone company. The new phone is designed to help the user manage the details of his life that has become fast-paced and increasingly complex, as many of those who have been involved in More than just a daily work, achieving additional income that meets their living needs; Whether the user is a designer, writer, photographer or professional DJ, the goal is to turn that passion and hobby into a source of income.

Championing speed and performance at amazing value, the Nokia 5.4 is the perfect partner for budding photographers. It is equipped with a quad camera that bypasses any shutter delay and has been upgraded to 48 megapixels; which is 162 times better than the Nokia 7650, the first Nokia phone with a camera, and the ability to capture any moment.

Videos will look richer in detail, with professional color grading that brings cinematic feel to home and work movies, and Nokia 5.4 will give a faster-paced and smoother experience; Because of its power for 42 moves (the average for a single move is 67 minutes) and after that it stays in battery enough to communicate with the family and check your email.

Moreover, Nokia is a pioneer in providing the latest security updates and Android upgrades, it always offers smartphone designs that combine the beauty of the exterior as well as the efficiency of the interior, and with three years of security updates covered, Nokia smartphones ranked first in the brand confidence ratings for 2020.

Juhu Sarvikas, Head of Products and Vice President of North America at HMD Global said: “Time these days seems to be at an increased premium and during an extraordinarily difficult year for consumers, the “side hustle” has become more important than ever. With the Nokia 5.4, we wanted to combine high performance and great value to cater to the hustlers out there. I like to think we set the bar for what mid-range phones should offer, so it’s hugely important to me to design phones that not only perform, but are also secure and built to last”.

On the same point, Sanmmit Kuchar, Vice President of HMD Global in the Middle East, North Africa and India, stated “The pandemic experience has seen us pivot to a new way of work, learning and play. the new Nokia 5.4 enables people to navigate through this new reality thanks to its amazing features. With the launch of this new smartphone, we continue to further our commitment in delivering purposeful technology to all across different price points. The Nokia 5.4 enables people to stay connected, capture their best moments, stay secure and feel inspired. Additionally, thanks to its Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662 Mobile Platform, Nokia 5.4 truly understands what’s best for its users by optimising its power to deliver an overall enhanced performance.”

When shooting content, we simulated the capabilities in expert cinema's hands. In this mode, captures 24 frames per second (the standard in filmmaking) and the normal user can shoot the content in a 21: 9 cinematic format. And once you're done shooting, you can add professional color grading options with a semi-Hollywood feel to your memories. And for smoother motion footage, just set video recording at 60fps; Almost three times the standard in the film industry. 

Whether you want to use the phone at work, play, live broadcast, photo capture or entertaining your children, you can always rely on Nokia 5.4 to prioritize what matters to you. Nokia 5.4 leverages its power to deliver faster speed, longer battery life, better imaging and stronger performance when needed. This has all become possible due to the Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 662. Through continuous improvements, this software with the latest AI technology, can make smart decisions to help you in your daily life, and more space to work and play with Nokia 5.4 provided by the immersive 6.39-inch HD display, with easy placement of the phone in the pocket, the new Nokia 5.4 phone is available in dark blue and brilliant colors, with an average retail price of 762 SAR.

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