House of Artisans in Tabuk Highlights Rich Saudi Heritage

The Heritage Commission has been establishing artisan houses in several regions of the Kingdom as part of its efforts to preserve cultural traditions, improve the abilities of Saudi artisans, and ensure the continuity of craftsmanship.
In these houses, craftsmen and craftswomen develop their craft through training, peer-to-peer learning, and educational workshops.
Among these houses is the House of Artisans in Tabuk, a region that has been known for producing traditional handicrafts for generations.
The House of Artisans in Tabuk links the present to the past, teaches various handicrafts, such as Sadu and Khaws weaving and embroidery, and helps create job opportunities for locals.
It includes various training facilities, a permanent exhibition hall to display the artisans' products, and a sales outlet.
Women artisans at the Artisan House in Tabuk, talking to the Saudi Press Agency, highlighted the role of such houses in refining their talents and in generating sustainable incomes for them.

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